A sustainable solution for your waste?

We provide complete plastic waste flows for large and medium-sized companies in Europe. We always provide honest and economical interesting advice. We strive to work with a high sustainable level. We have all the necessary certificates to take care of plastic waste issues of all kind.

All materials are processed into a new raw material. By reusing you save raw materials, and neutralized substances are released into the environment.

Purchase and sale of plastic

Plastic Recycling Prudon BV is your partner in the field of plastic waste collection. Plastic separation of normal waste can simplify the recycling process. This makes the process smoother and more efficient. Your used plastic forms the raw material for new products.

Through the years, we work with several customers worldwide to collect almost all types of plastic. 

Are you looking for a plastic waste processor, if you want valuable and honest advice, please feel free to contact us to discuss different options.

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Purchase and sale of plastic

There are many different forms and types of plastics. We collect almost all kinds of plastic. We listed the types of plastic we collect.